Proclamation of the privacy protection for employees and candidates

Operators identification data:

Business name:  Goodwill Recruitment s.r.o.

Registered office: Letná 27, 040 01 Košice

Company registration number: 52 062 686

The company is committed to protect your privacy and process your personal data in accordance with ethic principles and legal regulations of the personal data protection. The provided data shall not be published neither used for commercial and business purposes without proper legal reason, for instance, your previous explicit consent.

The scope of operation

This proclamation explains how the GoodWill Recruitment s.r.o. handles with the personal data of employees, employment suitors, former employees, suppliers and customers within the actions regarding human resources and for the purposes defined in this proclamation. If necessary, we are entitled to modify this proclamation anytime. Same, we are entitled to add more statements to this proclamation with the aim to fulfil the requirement of a country of your stay. This version of the proclamation was issued on May 11, 2020. 

Accumulation and utilization of the personal data

We are entitled to accumulate your personal data with the purpose of fulfilling our employer and contract relation with you, as for other purposes stated below. We may obtain and accumulate the personal data from you or the third parties including public database and platforms of social media. At the same, we are entitled to accumulate, handle or transfer your personal data by automatic or physical (paper form) systems of the data processing. Personal data are processed in routine (for instance processing for the purposes of regular salary agenda and employee benefits reports), occasionally or ad hoc (for instance with the purpose of employee transfer to a new specific position or regarding the change of the employee´s marital status).

In case you are interested in the job position we are actually occupying for our client, in the “Consent of the personal data processing” we are permitted to transfer your personal data to the third parties.

Types of personal data

If you show interest in the profession, this information is obtained from you:

  • Contact information – Your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number
  • Information from your CV – previous jobs, accomplished education, language skills and any other information you decide to state in your CV
  • Motivational letter – all the information you decide to state in your motivational letter
  • Profession eligibility – data regarding the possible obligation to prove your legal eligibility for the specific profession
  • Video recording – on the basis of your decision, you may provide us with data stated above in the form of the video recording
  • Salary data – salary data, data regarding payments, insurance data, dependents, national or tax identification number, data of the bank accounts and information regarding employee benefits

Why do we utilize your personal data?

The company obtains and processes personal data for the purpose of:

  1. providing services like searching for the suitable job positions/allocations you may apply to, help with training or support in the process of applying to a job position/allocation. Sending your CV to potential employers for its assessment and your informing of future job opportunities by e-mail, phone, letter or other contact medias is included. The consent of your personal data processing is also necessary for the purposes of continual career guidance and consultations.
  2. utilizing your contact data to direct marketing, for instance, by e-mail, sending messages or a phone.
  3. implementing studies of statistic and analytic research, for instance, to compare efficiency of our candidates´ placement into selected departments and geographical areas and to determine factors that could influence any differences we identify
  4. transferring your personal data to the third parties, in case you are recommended, as the candidate for the specific company, you applied to
  5. fulfilling any legal obligations, if necessary
  6. the proper, efficient and correct management of complete employee agenda as far as internal employees are concerned

Placement of your personal data

Entitled employers of GoodWill Recruitment s.r.o., seated in Letná 27, Košice Slovakia shall have an access to your personal data.

Retention time of personal data by the company

The company is allowed to retain your personal data within 3 years / 36 months starting with registration in our company. After expiration of the period, your personal data are automatically deleted. The consent of personal data processing is possible to continuously prolong.

Providing personal data to the third parties

For the purpose of fulfilling goals of our cooperation, that are stated above, we usually provide your personal data to the third parties. It is done under the following circumstances:

  • to our suppliers – in case we decide to hire a supplier to carry out administrative and operational support of our relation to you. Supplier/s shall be a subject of contract and other legal commitments of your personal data confidentiality maintenance and respecting your privacy. While doing so, the supplier shall only have the access to the data they need for carrying out their activities. For instance, they are IT services suppliers (they provide hosting and support our IT systems, including data about you), companies managing premises (they pay attention to security of our premises and they need data about you to enable the access to our premises) and administration support providers in the area of managing finances and accounting ( they may utilize candidates data for operating accounts, commitments and receivables).  We also may hire suppliers who provide IT solutions like online interviews and tools for skills assessment.
  • to our clients/your future employers – your data shall be provided to our clients who offer job positions/allocations, that are interesting for you, or for those who directly show interest in your profile. Our clients are committed to us, as well to you, to keep discretion regarding your personal data
  • your data shall be provided to governing, police regulatory bodies or to bodies of law enforcement, if judged, that we are legally obligatory or authorized to do so, or if we believe, it would be reasonable to do so.

Data safety

GoodWill Recruitment s.r.o. carries out precautionary measures to protect data before their loss, misuse, unauthorized treatment, disclosure, change or damage. We implemented technical and organizational measure for the protection of our IT systems, where your personal data are stored and we demand by contract the protection of your personal data form our clients and service providers.

Your rights concerning personal data

Access, repair, transfer

You are eligible to appropriate access to your personal data and which are saved in the GoodWill Recruitment s.r.o. reports.  You are also eligible to ask for the repair of incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date personal data. In accordance with the relevant legal regulations, you are eligible to ask for a transfer of your personal data back to you or to other company you provided to us.


You are eligible to object against any usage or providing of your personal data which is not required by legal regulations, necessary for the contract obligation fulfillment (your job contract), and necessary for accomplishment of legitimate need of GoodWill Recruitment s.r.o. as the employer (for instance, within human resources administration for the purposes of audit or reporting or internal verification, securing the network and IT systems and protection of assets of GoodWill Recruitment s.r.o.). In case of reporting objections, we shall cooperate with you to find an adequate solution. Your consent youe gave us for the purpose of personal data processing may be revoked anytime


You may also ask for the deletion of your personal data, as it is stated in the legal regulations. Concerning, if your personal data are out-of-date, processing is not necessary or illegal, you revoke your consent with our processing on the basis of such consent, or we state we ought to deal with the objection you raised against our processing. It may be necessary in some cases to keep your personal data in accordance with our legal obligations or for the purpose of saving, carrying out or protecting legal rights.  

Restriction of processing

If the legal regulations state, you may also require to restrict your personal data processing while reacting to your demand or complaint regarding accuracy of your personal data, our legitimate interests for processing of such data or legality of our processing activities. You may also require to restrict your personal data processing, if you wish to utilize these personal data for the purpose of lawsuit.

These rights may be applied for free by contacting our office by e-mail You also have right to make a complaint on the body of personal data protection.

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